Crafting compelling narratives
in a word-weary world.

Let me introduce myself.


I am an author and freelance editor. My experience and qualifications are at your service to help polish your manuscript to a high gloss. Between my business know-how and my writing and editing acumen, I have what it takes to help you soar above the competition.

I work to develop great relationships with my clients. I strive for transparency... always. Most importantly, I understand the process of writing. I promise to take good care of your brainchild.

I'll help your work shine but never compromise your unique voice.

I believe in polishing, not demolishing. 



I am a professional writer with 15 short story publications in indie zines (including middle grade, science fiction, horror, and literary fiction). I wrote and shelved one novel. I am currently working on my debut novel.

 I am a frequent panelist at UTOPiA Con, serving as an expert on topics including editing, world-building, and novel critique.

 I worked in the editorial department at the largest independent publisher in the Southern United States, Pelican Publishing Company. Here I worked on the following:
  -  Acquisitions: made recommendations based on query letters and sample pages on whether the publisher should contract a submitted manuscript.
  -  Nonfiction: fact checking, building indexes and interactive back matter, and updating stylistic choices to make the text more accessible while honoring the author's desire to be academic.
  -  Picture books: in-depth art review, consistency, and grade level vocabulary.
  -  Middle grade: performed a substantive edit to help an author identify main themes, resolve outstanding plot lines, improve character development, overcome blind bias, and increase diversity.
  -  I worked on everything from developmental editing on rough contracted manuscripts, to line-by-line copyediting, to final proofreading passes on formatted manuscripts between typesetting and printing.

 I am a full-time Production Editor at prominent ebook discovery company BookBub, which includes proofreading blogs and book blurbs among other duties.

 I am one of the on-staff editors at Fire Quill Publishing, an independent book publisher in South Africa.

 I am an active member in a critique group. I was a beta reader for several YA books that went on to be successfully published.

 I have a degree (cum laude) in Sociology and Anthropology from MTSU, and even then I should have majored in English! I earned advance credit in university in English classes at university due to extremely high test scores in English.

 I have over a decade in recruitment (seven years in HR at Sony Music Entertainment), which gives me a keen insight to the formatting, phraseology, and trends in résumés, CVs, and cover letters.

 I hold an internationally recognized TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification and worked as the Director of Admissions at a language school in Costa Rica for two years. When I left, the owner of the school so valued my precision and attention to detail, he created a job to keep me on as a consultant, analyzing over forty thousand client contacts with over seventy-five data points to maintain database integrity on a weekly basis.

 I led an international sales team for over a year, gleaning the best tricks in follow-up verbiage and marketing blurbs.

 Bonus: I speak advanced Spanish.

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