Editing Services and Rates

If you're in doubt about how much editing you need, I offer a free consultation. We'll chat for 15-30 minutes over Skype about where you are in the process of writing and determine what type of editing you need. We’ll agree on a flat rate before I begin, quoted based on the word count of the complete manuscript.

If you decide to work with me, I promise you a few key things:

 Professionalism, clear communication, and no surprises.

 Encouraging feedback without sugarcoating. I'll tell you when something's not working.

 Absolute respect for your writing style.

 Excellence in suggestions, not just in grammar fundamentals and stylistic decisions, but also in storytelling—plot, character development, setting, tension, structure, themes, flow, and prose.

 On-schedule delivery of your edits. You're busy, and no editor should make you miss deadlines.

 A better book—ready for publication and able to shine against its competition in the market!


$0.01 per word
(50k words = $500)

Line editing is usually the last step in the editing process. I will check your manuscript for grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, and word usage. This is the “final polish” to get your manuscript ready for publication.

Line editing includes:
 Grammatical errors
 Noun/verb agreement, noun/pronoun agreement
 Dangling modifiers
 Split infinitives
 Verb agreement/tense issues
 Misspelled words
 Stylistic inconsistencies

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$0.014 per word
(50k words = $700)

I'll ensure your manuscript has a solid foundation. In copyediting, I check for clarity, flow, timeline issues, and efficiency in telling your story. Are your transitions smooth? Are there any awkward sentences or stiff prose? Does the dialogue feel authentic and active? Do sentence structures and lengths vary? Do chapters begin and end effectively? Do paragraph breaks make sense?

Copyediting includes:
 Dialogue—tags and believability
 Sentence structure and clarity
 Word choice and overused phrases
 Consistency and continuity
 Style (syntax)

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$0.018 per word
(50k words = $900)

Here's where you get the in-depth edit of your manuscript. I'll watch for character behavior/speech, style issues, thematic variances, plot holes, and readability. I'll help you focus your conflict, amp up your themes, develop your characters, resolve your plotlines, and deliver a hard-punching and beautiful story—that is, the story you want to tell. I'll help you hone your voice while keeping in mind your intended audience, and I'll ensure that everything makes sense and the plot is plausible. I'll help you wrangle your unruly characters into well-rounded people facing situations consistent with their motivations. Is there anything that seems derivative, trite, or overdone? Are there any plot holes, unexplained jumps in time or location, or major inconsistencies? Are there sections of the story that are underdeveloped or overdeveloped, or do sections of the story drag? I'll help you ensure your ending is satisfying.

Developmental editing includes:
 Character development
 Conflict and tension
 Passive writing
 Point of view
 Showing versus telling
 Market appeal

Line editing is not included.

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The process

Once we agree on a rate and a level of editing for your manuscript, a 50% deposit is required before the project begins.

Your rate is guaranteed at the time we make the agreement; however, my schedule can be tight at times. I'll give you a timeline and stick to it. If you need the job rushed, I can do so at an additional charge. Once I send you back your manuscript, the remaining 50% is due.

Payment is accepted via PayPal.

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The following quotes can be found in the acknowledgments of books I helped edit.

From Adrienne Woods in Moonbeam

From Adrienne Woods in Dream Casters: Light
* I edited the second edition of this novel in 2016.

From Larry Wood in Bushwhacker Belles

Testimonials from other authors and writing professionals:

Janet Wallace

Amanda Elend

L.C. Miller

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