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Guest post on author Carissa Taylor's blog: Sure, romance is marketable, but at what cost? What other aspects of life aren't we exploring in YA novels as a result? Which brings us to the question... Is romance necessary in YA novels?

List of fiction publications


In addition to working on my own novel, I've published the following works of short fiction at small presses under my two names, Jessie Campbell and Jessie Peacock.



Campbell, Jessie. “Sacrifice.” Little Bird Publishing: Revolution, UTOPiA Official Anthology. Ed. Katie John. Independent press, 2016. Print.

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Campbell, Jessie. “Movement.” Skive Magazine: Farewell. Ed. Matthew Ward. Independent press, 2013. Print.

Peacock, Jessie (former name). “Gorlok’s Gold.” 10 Reasons to Cross the Moat. Ed. Tyree Campbell. Alban Lake Press, 2013. Print.

Peacock, Jessie. “The White Place.” Flashes in the Dark. Eds. Lori Titus and Robert C. Eccles. Independent press. Web. 7 May 2013 <http://flashesinthedark.com/2013/05/07/the-white-place-by-jessie-

Peacock, Jessie. “Knowing.” Postcard Shorts (pick of the week). Independent press. Web. 31 July 2012 <http://www.postcardshorts.com/read-941.html>.

Peacock, Jessie. “The Beginning at the End.” Hogglepot. Independent press. Web 14 August 2011 <http://hogglepot.com/reading.php?date=20110814&vol=2011vol3>.

Peacock, Jessie. “The Hunt.” Eschatology Journal. Ed. Bruce Priddy. Independent press. Web. 10 August 2011 <http://www.eschatologyjournal.org/2011/08/10/the-hunt-by-jessie-peacock/>.

Peacock, Jessie. “The Five Stages of Thirst.” Midwest Literary Magazine. Independent press, 2011. Print.

Peacock, Jessie. “Back Home.” 52|250 A Year of Flash. Independent press. Web 23 April 2011 <http://52250flash.wordpress.com/2011/04/23/back-home-by-jessie-peacock/>.

Peacock, Jessie. “Rain.” 52|250 A Year of Flash. Independent press. Web 3 April 2011 <http://52250flash.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/rain-by-jessie-peacock/>.

Peacock, Jessie. “Crumpled Notes.” Calliope Nerve. Independent press. Web 26 October 2010 <http://calliopenerve.blogspot.com/2010/10/crumpled-notes.html>.

Peacock, Jessie. “Election Day Cake.” Skive Magazine: Americana. Ed. Matthew Ward. Independent press, 2010. Print.

Peacock, Jessie. “Fishing.” LITSNACK. Ed. Dan Tricarico. Independent press. Web 20 November 2010 <http://litsnack.weebly.com/1/post/2010/11/fishing-by-jessie-peacock.html>.

Peacock, Jessie. “Watercolored Different.” Beyond Centauri. Ed. Tyree Campbell. Sam’s Dot Publishing, 2010. Print.

Peacock, Jessie. “Beauty.” DOGZPLOT. Ed. Barry Graham. Independent press. Web 2008 <http://www.blogger.com/%22Beauty%22%20in%20the%20October%202008%20flash%20fiction%20issue%20of%20DOGZPLOT/>.

Peacock, Jessie. “14-B.” Sand: A Journal of Strange Tales, Year One Anthology. Ed. Ed Lupak. Independent press, 2008. Print.